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Hi folks

I’m Nigel and have been playing Poker for about 15 years although. I mainly play on Stars but have accounts with a few (usually to do with satelites to live events). My Alias usually has Thor somewhere in it (It’s a long-standing nickname given to me not because of the recent movies!!) I really should be better for the time I have spent playing. Although this last year I have been taking it a bit more seriously and am having my best year ever.

My biggest problem with online poker is the time it takes so I tend to play SNG and Spin and Go tourneys and Sats to live events. Always low stakes (under $10) although have been known to play higher.

I far prefer to play Live poker and usually play at the Rendezvous Casino in Brighton normally every couple of weeks. This year and going forward my plan is to qualify for more live events and I have won seats in the Unibet and Sky Poker tours and just missed out on a GUKPT event when my set of 2s were river’d by a straight. I played the Goliath this year too.


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Oh unlucky mate.
I have heard its a good turnout there.
I came 3rd in spt luton around 5 years ago. The spt was only in there second year then prize pool was around 10 or 20k but still had a great time.
Will try and qualify for the next. Do you know if @aspers in stratford will hold an SPT?