Occupation/Job title: Unprofessional poker player

I'm writing this thread because I'm on a journey of self improvement.
I'm hoping to get a promotion and in turn; a raise.

For a long time now, I have played poker and have been a (very) small winning player.

I play almost exclusively MTT's, a few SNG's here and there and have dabbled in cash games a little.

It's always been my dream, since I first heard of poker; to be a professional.
(As I'm sure a lot of you here, can probably relate to.)

My main problem in helping myself to get better at this game,
has been my lack of understanding when it comes to math and also some other stuff,
which I will come to at a later date, when I revisit this forum.

I came to a realisation a couple of months back, that I have been doing some things completely wrong
and perhaps more importantly; thinking in the wrong way about how I approach the game (and my life in general)
and as a result, the way I have chosen to learn the game.

Well no more. I have had enough of wasting my time, I can see the potential to get somewhere.
So I will try my best!

I'm looking forward to the next league game!
I'm hoping this thread might get the ball rolling a bit here,
I can see the potential for the poker page to get big, or to at least provide me some value personally,
Maybe I can find a like minded poker player or two willing to study/discuss hands.
For now I will use this as a place to record my progress and encourage myself to keep working hard.

Hope everyone is doing well and running good!


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