Natalia Breviglieri

How can I manage my bankroll better? I win some and lose some, but when I go on a bad run end up broke until payday 🙈 how can I improve this? Thanks
Hey! Thanks for your question!

I think almost all poker players have been in this position at some point and my advice on improving your bank roll management is;
1. When on a big downswing drop down in stakes
2. Try to play some smaller field tournaments to reduce variance (this will also help you to improve your end game as you will find yourself getting deeper in these fields more often)
3. Play more satellites - even a min cash feels huge when you've qualified from next to nothing. There are plenty of cent rolls on partypoker daily.
4. When winning it is crucial to spend some of your growing bankroll and your time on studying and improving your game
5. Don't chase a loss or play when you're feeling tilted, this will almost always result in losing more money.

I hope this helps!
Maybe a strange question but in what is probably classed as a male dominated environment, as a female player, do you find yourself having to make adjustments to certain players?
Whether that be calling lighter Vs people who think they can push you around or bluffing Vs others more often.
Not a strange question at all :)
I don't think it matters too much that its a male dominated environment or that i'm female, everyone should be making adjustments to their game based on how other players are playing vs them. That being said when playing live events people can often be stereotyped based on gender/age/appearance and players may assume a generic playing style for those players and try to exploit them. It is then the targeted players job to pick up on this and adjust accordingly.
Hi Natalia, I appreciate your time that you will dedicate to us. This is so fun and useful at the same time. :cool:

My question for you is:

What are your thoughts on the many poker books available? Is the recent influx of so many poker strategy books harmful to the broader well-being of the game, and do you have any advice to reading those books for the first time. I believe that every book can be useful but you certainly have experience with books. What is your opinion about poker books?

...Of course, this is a special opportunity for me and I have to ask you one more question. I hope that you will like this question... :)

If you weren't a pro poker player & partypoker ambassador, what would you be doing in your life?

A big thanks in advance! <3
Hey, Thanks for your questions!

I think you should be very selective with the poker books you read as the game is constantly evolving and that means they become dated very quickly and for this reason i much prefer to watch educational videos. Although i would recommend investing and purchasing good content, i appreciate this is not financially an option for everyone and for anyone just starting out Twitch is a great way to start improving your game as there are lots of big/successful poker players streaming everyday for free!

As for the second question i would 100% be doing something that involves food!
Hello Nat!
Yes, I imagine you love playing poker, but to play it continuously for a long time @ such a high lvl what drives you day by day?.. Money?, lifestyle?, the love for poker?.
Also, through the year how often would you go without playing poker? And how frequent would this occur throughout the year?
Hey! Thank you for your question!
Although i love the freedom that poker has given me i am definitely not driven by the lifestyle or money but by the challenge to continuously learn and improve. Those little eureka moments you get when something you've been working on all of a sudden makes sense and falls into place is priceless.
I do take some time off from poker throughout the year, usually after the big series have finished online or straight after a long live series. I also take set days off a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays) to try and keep some normality in my life and allow myself to make plans with family & friends.
What kind of mood are u in before u play . Or does it matter anyway as maybe playing is so routine to you now . Like will you play if you’re not feeling the best
Hi JonnyCal & thanks for your question!
I always try to be in the best possible mood i can be. Before playing a live tournament i always exercise (even if it is just going for a walk or a quick swim), eat well and listen to up beat/feel good music whilst getting ready. I try to stay away from my phone & social media and focus on clearing my mind and getting into the zone. I will also do this before a big online session.
If i am not feeling good, unwell, tired, or just cant seem to get into the right mind set for playing then i will either take the day off or play less tables/smaller stakes so that if i do make mistakes they are not as costly.