Natalia Breviglieri

Hi there!

If you could start over your poker career from the beginning, what advice would you give yourself?

Here's one more:

Do you think it is easier or harder to learn the game, and the right strategies than it was when you started playing?

Thanks in advance!
What methods do you currently use for working on your game? (ie review, study, read, run simulators, punch #'s in pokerstove or icmizer, etc.) and how much time do you personally put aside for this? What do you feel helped you the most to improve your game?
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Saw on Jeff Boskis Vlog a few times about people who smell really bad at tables, Also encountered this problem where felt physically sick because of someone next to me smelled awful. What do you think players should/could do in these spots/ Have you ever had experiences like this.

Ps im not horrible i know that sometimes people could have been there for long periods of time but this was from basically the start.

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I had difficult on make the transition between poker stars and party poker structure, party poker has a better structure, it allows more deeper play for longer, it take a good time to get the traditional 20-30bb standard of other poker sites.

What is yours advices to a deep structure, playing 40-80bb of average?
Hi Natalia! I want to know what is the biggest obstacle that stops a poker player that is not a novice in their progression from the lower levels (10NL to 50NL) into higher stakes? I've been playing seriously for over 2 years but I'm stuck at 10NL for months.
What do you think will be the future of poker? Will NLHE ever die? Or will PLO, OFC, shortdeck, ... take over? Will there be new formats besides cashgames, SNG's and MTT's? Will online poker survive solver software?


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Hi Natalia, thanks for your time!

I would love to hear about how you made the transition from poker as a hobby to poker as a profession. Did it take a big win to convince you to pursue poker as a career? Or did you simply need to know that you were a winning player before dedicating your time to the game?
Hi Natalia, I appreciate your time that you will dedicate to us. This is so fun and useful at the same time. :cool:

My question for you is:

What are your thoughts on the many poker books available? Is the recent influx of so many poker strategy books harmful to the broader well-being of the game, and do you have any advice to reading those books for the first time. I believe that every book can be useful but you certainly have experience with books. What is your opinion about poker books?

...Of course, this is a special opportunity for me and I have to ask you one more question. I hope that you will like this question... :)

If you weren't a pro poker player & partypoker ambassador, what would you be doing in your life?

A big thanks in advance! <3
1.) When did you first start to play poker seriously, and what was your bankroll when you first began?

2.) When did you realize that you had what it takes to play poker professionally and what made you come to that realization?

Natalia thanks in advance. :)
Hi Natalia,

What was your drive for becoming a professional poker player? Won a big amount to start your bankroll? Or knew you were a winning player and packed in the day job for the grind and worked you way up from there?

Do you prefer live or online poker?

What obstacles have you came across trying to make it as a female pro and how did you overcome these, if any?