Micro for life!

I`ve been playing poker for as long as I`ve been able to fan 5 cards out in my hands (starting with 2hands at first). My family used to play poker after Sunday dinners at my GreatGrandmother`s house (early 60`s). Yah... I`m an old fart (55... 55.. omfg).
I played a bit in my teens & early 20`s, being mostly a losing gambler.
In 2007 I began playing online after seeing Fulltilt ads. bombarded on the tv here. I instantly loved it! (very first game I played was `TheFerguson`... didn`t even know I`d reg`d to a $1 tourney & ended up taking 2nd out of close to 1,000 entrants.
Read a gazillion books & then played 100`s of priv. tourneys online but never found the time to make a commitment to playing regularly... as in full-time (always thought I was going to take work less & play more but it never happened).
Been enjoying the few games I`ve played amongst you guys & hope to get in a few more. Also been enjoying reading some of the HH posts as it`s the only ones I follow at all these days (stopped reading other stuff awhile back).
I also play a bit in live games - - mostly priv. local cash games.... played at WSOP just once but plan on going again possibly in 2019. (going to try to win my way there via online... if I can find the time)