Hi all and how I got into poker :)

My name is Leo aka Ubeti3bet72 on Party,(fair few other rooms I am on too with same or different alias) a friend back in Nov 2005 said to me and a few mates I will teach you a game called poker, so that was the 1st home game. Then thought I like thei, brought a cheapo chip set to play at Christmas with the parents and the girlfriend(Now wife!) Enjoyed it, thought I would read some more about rules so typed in Texas Holdem poker on google. Found a website called Holdem poker(sadly no longer around-was Ongame site) played a play money MTT, came 4th, saw a promo deposit $20 and get to play for a 15k WSOP ME package! Played the MTT in Feb and binked it out of 565 runner! Told the wife 3am in the morning and she said rubbish they won't pay you! They did and off to the WSOP ME I went! Had an amazing time, sadly busted late on day 2 for no cash. Met some poker legends including Doyle Bruson, who signed my Super System Book my wife brought for my advanced birthday present and had photos with Devilfish and Greg Raymer.
Packed up poker in 2008 as wife was getting annoyed with me playing. In Nov 2011 I saw a promo for a free $50 so decided to give that a whirl, found I left a little bit of money in some poker accounts too! Started to get more into it and not stopped since!(Wife been getting annoyed again so gotta play less!) Not a huge winner but profitable every year bar 1 year for a small loss since 2006! Been lucky enough to win other packages and seats to Malta, Madrid, Vienna, Morocco. Cashed in a few and a 2nd for a 25/25 event so gutted not to take the trophy and extra cash! Went to Sunny Beach(Bulgaria) in July just gone, brought in direct as had a good month! Hopefully meet some of you guys at a Live event sometime :) Good luck all on the tables :)
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