Hey, how you doin'?


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And a good day to you all.

My name is Jody (Percyeus86 online). I've been playing Poker for over 14 years now, doing bits and pieces of studying in the early days, but not a great deal.

In the past few years, the amount of content available online on YouTube and Twitch etc have really opened the book for a lot of players and made online poker a very competitive game, with a player pool full of very competent players.

Putting in the time and volume is my biggest blocker but continuing to work hard and enjoy the game is key to success.

My aim is to one day win a big online event - Sunday Million; Storm; SCOOP; WCOOP etc, which of course will be extremely tough, but that is the goal. Once that arrives, I think I will be at peace and the justification that all the hard work, strain, effort and time put into the game will be worth it.

Any questions - fire away.