Hey guys

Hey everyone, I'm David and I'm from Edinburgh. Screen name is Dav1875 on partypoker. Different aliases on other sites. Been playing poker for about 13/14 years since a mate introduced it at his house with our group of mates. Since then really got into it and out of that group of 10 there's only myself and one other that still play.

Only played our home games every Monday before discovering online poker and started playing and learning there. Played in a few casino games over the years but I work in hospitality so never had the chance to get time off for any of the bigger events like GUKPT, 25/25 etc
Been to Vegas on a family trip 10 years ago and played cash and few tournaments there winning on one my last night for $800 from $40 buy in. Biggest online cash was in April. Had an $11 ticket which I turned into a $109 ticket and played a bounty tournament. Finished 2nd for about £1800 total.

Would love to play more live than I do but with shift work and a young family it's quite difficult to manage that.

Feel that I'm a competent player but here to learn more and try and plug gaps in my game.


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Hi david.
Welcome to the poker page.
I have a young family too and understand how it can be hard.
I find it easier to play live than online as too many interruptions playing from home.