Fantasy Triton Series.


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Right guys, in regards to the Fantasy Triton Series game I proposed yesterday, I will be posting all of the details going forward on this website. It will be £10 to enter and this will be via PayPal to myself. PM me on Facebook for details.

I will put up a list of confirmed players for the series and their values of which I have assigned. Now, this is subjective and some of you may disagree with some valuations - that's absolutely fine, but I really don't care - stick to the values on the game and play along. Do your own research and you might find a gem of which I have put a small valuation on.

Each player will have £28m to spend on FOUR players. At least 1 of these players must be a non pro poker player (you'll see these in the list) for example Rob Yong or Rick Saloman.

The points will be given out based on cashes and places. A 1st place will get you 100 points. 2nd 80 points. 3rd 65 points. 4th 50 points. 5th 40 points. 6th 30 points. 7th 20 points. 8th 15 points. 9th 10 points. 10th 5 points (all the way down to a min cash).

If every one of your chosen players cashes throughout the series, you'll get an extra 50 points added to your total.

Upon choosing your team and letting me know who you have chosen, I want you to let me know who you think is going to be the player of the series. If you guess right, this will net you an extra 75 points added to your total.

Any questions so far, please let me know.


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List of confirmed players (so far):

Professional Players

Stephen Chidwick - £12m
David Peters - £11m
Bryn Kenney - £10.5m
Nick Petrangelo - £10.5m
Jason Koon - £10m
Fedor Holz - £9.5m
Sam Greenwood - £9.5m
Christoph Vogelsang - £9m
Igor Kurganov - £8.5m
Rui Cao - £8m
Daniel Cates - £7.5m
Sam Trickett - £7m
Tom Dwan - £7m
Timofey Kuznetsov - £6.5m
Mikita Badziakouski - £6.5m
Elton Tsang - £6m
Wai Leong-Chan - £6m
Tan Xuan - £6m
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Non Professionals

Paul Phua - £9m
Richard Yong - £8.5m
Stanley Choi - £8m
Carey Katz - £7.5m
Talal Shakerchi - £7.5m
Wai Kin-Yong - £7m
Rick Saloman - £7m
Xang Shu Nu - £6.5m
Tony G - £6.5m
Seng Yee-Leow - £6.5m
Yu-Liang - £6m
Qiang Wang - £6m
Sosia Jiang - £5.5m
Chin Wei-Lim - £5m
Hing Yaung-Chow - £4m
Rob Yong - £4m
Bobby Baldwin - £3.5m
Pat Madden - £3m
Alfred DeCarolis - £2.5m
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